Happy, happy January to all you lovely people! Is it just me or has January brought more than just gloomy days? I’m talking dry skin, tired under eyes and a strong desire to escape to the sun?  

 But hey, fortunately Origins is here to help. I spent some time asking Hannah about common skincare myths and claims that we hear all too often! I can’t guarantee you’ll look like you’ve just returned from a yoga retreat in Bali, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your precious skin from the comfort of your own bathroom!  


True or false: Eating lots of salmon and avocado makes your skin glow 

 True! Salmon and avocado both contain healthy fats, which can contribute to a beautiful, plump skin. However, applying healthy fats topically can be just as effective! The Drink Up intensive overnight mask (£25) is loaded with avocado and apricot kernel oil, which help to deeply quench your skin’s moisture reserves, for example.   

True or false: Eye cream is essential to your skincare routine 

 It depends: not everyone wants to do a full routine! Don’t feel like eye cream is the be all and end all of skincare. However, the skin around your eyes is very fragile, and applying a facial moisturiser to the area isn’t recommended, so if you’re ready to upgrade your routine and commit to an extra product, an eye cream is suitable for you. The GinZing eye cream (£20.50) is a popular favourite, which helps brighten and depuff. 

 Pro tip: Only apply your eye cream around your orbital bone. This means not all over the eyelid or close to your eye. Use your ring finger for a softer touch, morning and night. 


True or false: Applying oils is not suitable for oily skin 

Definitely false! Oily skin needs hydration, too, and avoiding moisturisation will not help! Your skin could even react to the lack of oil by overproducing it. Natural oils are important to the health of your skin, and supplementing with a facial oil that is suitable for your skin type can help protect and plump your skin. Oil-based cleanser can also be really beneficial to oily, sensitive skin, because they are so gentle.  


True or false: You shouldn’t exfoliate your skin every day 

True. Unless you are using a very mild exfoliator (such as Modern Friction Cleanser Oil, £25 or Clear Improvement Powder, £25 which you could use every day if you wanted to), it’s best to give your skin a break and time to regenerate. For a deep exfoliation, once a week is a good place to start. Over-exfoliation can cause thinning of the skin or even burst blood vessels! Always make sure you moisturise straight after, and use a toner if you wish to rebalance the pH in your skin. 


True or false: Natural skincare is kinder to sensitive skin  

Yes. Origins products are formulated with natural ingredients to minimise irritation, and are free from parabens and sulfates. The Dr. Weil range is particularly suited to sensitive skin; the Mega Bright line can help with pigmentation and the Mega Mushroom line helps combat irritation and redness, which is great for those with eczema, psoriaris, dermatitis etc! If you have a skin condition, coming in for a regular facial could also help. 

Bonus: the lazy girl’s routine 
So you’re a lazy girl. Doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous skin! Here’s a 3-step routine for you! 

  1. Cleanse: Clean skin should be your first order of business. For everyday use, choose something gentle and hydrating (such as Checks and Balances Cleanser) or something a little more abrasive if you feel the need (like the GinZing scrub cleanser). 
  1. Tone:  Toning is a really great multi-purpose step in a beauty routine; it’s cooling on a summer’s day, can freshen up your face after a long day or prep your skin for makeup. The GinZing Lotion Mist contains caffeine (great to use in the morning!), and comes in spray format which means it’s super easy to apply. 
  1. Moisturise: It comes as no surprise that moisturiser is on the list. Hannah recommends the Make A Difference Rejuvenating Moisturiser to help rebuild the moisture barrier. 


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