Yoga. It’s all the rage. And either you’ve given into the craze, or you’re about to, because these yoga studios will rock your world.

The universal message of yoga is that yoga is for everyone. Not just flexible people. Not just healthy people (although yoga does make you healthier!). Everybody. So here are 5 tried and tested yoga studios for all abilities that we guarantee you’ll love! 

Yoga Bomb


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We can’t speak about yoga in York without talking about yoga bomb. Yogabomb is a hot yoga studio on Bootham Terrace – it’s urban and it’s cool and it’s the perfect alternative to going to the sauna on a Saturday morning. Lou Harrand not only has an incredible story (which you can read here), she’s also the most down-to-earth yoga instructor you will ever meet! You can expect a warm (very warm) welcome, super cool graffiti on the wall and a really good hour spent sweating in your downward dog!

We recommend: a lunchtime hot power flow. There’s really nothing better than having a work-break to chill for 45 minutes! That leaves you 15 minutes for a salad and a juice. Just kidding. Salad and juice optional.


The Stables yoga

This is THE studio to visit if it’s pregnancy yoga you’re after. No, yoga is not just for pregnancy, but Stables Yoga has been voted the Best Pregnancy Class in York, and that is no small feat. From birth preparation to post-natal and baby yoga, you’ll have full support of the studio to help you keep a clear head as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world! And for all of us who aren’t expecting, there are plenty of mindfulness workshops to help us through those hectic months!

We recommend: an 8-week beginners course to understand the fundamentals of yoga without feeling completely lost if you’re just starting out!


Ananda Yoga


Mandie Lou, owner and teacher of Ananda Yoga, is the sweetest instructor around. Her super soothing voice makes your thoughts melt away, and when you get up after your final relaxation, all you wish is that it had lasted just a little longer! Her flawless five-star rating speaks for itself – Mandie Lou is here to stay!

We recommend: All Level Yoga, which really is for all levels. Just remember to take a blanket for your final relaxation, and we guarantee you’ll walk out with a smile on your face! (And potentially a ‘yoga high’)

Yoga Approach


Laura is no ordinary yoga teacher; after teaching fitness classes for 25 years, and yoga for 10, there’s no doubt she’s got a wealth of experience that we can all learn a lot from! Her fun and vibrant personality that we all expect an LBT instructor to have has carried over beautifully into her yoga – she’s encouraging, approachable and loves setting a challenge. Not to mention all of her classes take place in York’s most popular gyms, so if you already have a membership, you really have no excuse to make that new year’s resolution a reality.

We recommend: Ashtanga Yoga for something a little more traditional, a little more challenging and an hour and a half (we promise it’s not that bad) of headspace!

City Yoga

Rob’s classes are a great entry to the world of yoga – if you think you’re ready to commit but don’t want to feel pressured if you change your mind, this one’s for you! The quiet and peaceful atmosphere is just what we like after a tiring Thursday at work. This is a no-frills option that won’t leave you feeling left out if walking around in fancy schmanzy yoga equipment really isn’t your thing. Rob gives lots of detail to make sure no one’s left behind and quite honestly, we can’t get enough!

We recommend: a strong Dynamic Balance class. Make sure you bring a towel and a non-slip mat if you’ve got one because you’re in for a sweaty hour! You won’t regret it, promise.

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