Bespoke Eyewear is a stylish, eyewear boutique in the heart of Harrogate. A beautiful, Grade 2 listed building which is the home to a wonderful family business, providing designer eyewear to the people of Yorkshire. 

Owner Jonathan Nixon, travels the world to source unique pieces that will wow his clients and keep them on trend. And now, he’s offered to keep Fashion City York readers up to date on all things eyewear!

Whenever someone is in store and they’re looking for something “different”, they’re currently being drawn to either rounded lenses or…The Bar.

The Bar is the bit of detailing that runs above the bridge of the glasses, and connects the lenses from above. It’s a strong statement to make on frames, but it really can take a fairly average pair of specs, and make them pop.

It’s a real hit or miss trend, with some people really struggling with the feeling of a heavy brow! But a Bar doesn’t have to be heavy. More and more brands are trying new ways to incorporate The Bar, which means there really is something for everyone.

We’ve pulled together three brands that really nailed this look in their collection, with some truly fabulous frames.

Paul & Joe have added a delicate, gold bar to their frames which is a subtle way to sport the look. We particularly love it on this pair as the gold really dazzles against the brown. A really great Autumnal option, which is so much jewellery than just eyewear.

Robert Rudger have worked their usual magic on a trend, and pushed the boundary even further by adding a curved bar to the look. By keeping the bar delicate though, they’ve ensured that the look isn’t too strong on the brow. Definitely only a look for someone who doesn’t mind making a statement!

It isn’t just glasses that can rock The Bar. Barberini added it to their sunglasses, with a thick bar that created an incredibly strong statement. This sort of accent on a pair of aviators will take your look to a whole new level, and make people look twice at what you’re wearing.

We’re personally big fans of The Bar, but what do you think? Can you pull it off?