Written by Elise Evers:
With support by York University Fashion Society

Trends come and go, but style is eternal, right? The most elegant women in history are more than just fashion icons or trendsetters. They’re powerful, ambitious characters that incarnate femininity. I’ve always wondered… How?

I was inspired by Cinem@’s most recent event in collaboration with York University Fashion Society: a screening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the De Grey Rooms’ stunning ballroom, accompanied by wine, live jazz and lots of glitter! Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly never ceases to amaze with her immaculate wardrobe, despite her storing shoes in fridges and vases. 

 Fortunately, you don’t have to be Audrey to pull off her timeless, elegant look! 

  1. The latest trend?Non merci. Audrey’s wardrobe is deceptively simple, which we easily forget because she looks so freaking good! Think of those beloved items in your wardrobe that never fail you – a great blazer, a perfect pair of trousers or a really great jumper. Whether pom-poms or neon colourblocking is in style, you can always count on them So make it your mission to find and wear items you believe to be timeless, and that you feel amazing in! It’ll save you money in the long run, space in your closet, as well as a headache in the morning.How to: start working on a capsule wardrobe that reflects your style and personality first and foremos 


  2. A coat is more than a coat Coats are really awesome – and they’re often the only item you’re seen in during the winter months. A classic, well-fitting coat is an easy way to channel your inner Audrey; choose a classic, long or slightly oversized shape, either brightly coloured or a neutral. The options are endless; Audrey is seen wearing many coats in the film, including a bright red one and a lovely trench coat.How to: consider investing a little more money and time in finding a coat you can wear season after season, and that’ll work both at the office and on a lazy Saturday morning in town. 

  1. It’s not just what you’re wearing, buthow you’re wearing it We all know posture is pretty important. The way you carry yourself speaks volumes! Audrey was a ballerina; her impeccable wardrobe naturally contributes to her elegance, but she always holds herself with pride and confidence. So rock that little black dress like you mean it and you’ll feel as amazing as you look!How to: be extra mindful of your posture day after day, especially when sitting at a desk, and consider taking up yoga or pilates.
  2. Let your lipstick and sunglasses be your secret weaponsIn Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey wears two key elements: dark sunglasses and a peach lipstick. It’s a great reminder that simple accessories can go a long way. Sunglasses are not just great to protect your eyes, they add some mystery to your look. And whether you’re playing it simple with a nude or going bold with a bright red, lipstick can completely transform and brighten up your face (especially if you were up late partying like Audrey!)How to: pick a secret weapon that empowers you and ask yourself what makes you feel like superwoman on a bad day. It could be anything!
  3. Choose yourpièce de résistance  Audrey loves hats, scarves and earrings, and she is generally sporting one accessory at a time. Wearing too much at once can make your outfit unnecessarily elaborate! The centrepiece of a great outfit could be anything from a red lip to a glittery shoe, or even a cool hair accessory. Keep the rest simple, sticking to neutral colours and patterns.How to: plan your outfit a little more carefully before going out and think twice before accessorising. Do you really need both big earrings and a large cocktail ring? 

 What are your tips on creating an elegant look? Do you have any idols whose style resonates with you? 

Special thanks to the Cinem@ Team for having me on their evening. CineScreenings ‘pop-up’ indoors & out, at large festivals & intimate special events; in cafes, bars, community halls and art centres. Keep your eyes out for future film screenings in 2018 in some awesome locations across York! 

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