Written by Ellen Davies of LND Events

Photography by Olivia Brabbs Photography.


Part of the excitement of being on the Fashion City York steering group, is hearing about all the amazing events that are going to be on each year but this year was always going to be a bit more special.

We made it to our first ever full fashion week and we’d managed to get so many more venues on board with collaborations, we had over 45 events going on!

Sitting as a team and working out which each of us were going to attend was amazing – there wasn’t one thing I didn’t want to know more about so I was really lucky to be told I could spend Friday – Sunday actually partaking in events rather than just checking in on them.

With that in mind I wanted to let you know a bit more about each of them over the course of a few blogs, starting with Friday morning.

First up on Friday I had the pleasure of attending ‘It’s a Wrap’ at Pairings Wine Bar and even better, I got to take my little girl who I’m sure had forgotten who I was this last week.

The event was aimed at post natal ladies and featured designer Antonia Houston’s Blossom and Belle wrap dresses using Sophie Roberts from West Plum Studios fabrics.

Sophie explained about how fantastic these dresses are because of the wrap feature. It means they are adjustable as you tie them to your fit, the cross over means they are accessible at the front for easy baby feeding and they are a flattering length too.

Sophie showed us swatches of her fabrics and explained her love of drawing triangles led to the inspiration you can see in the pictures.

The colours were some of my favourite shades and whilst primary based, injected an upbeat feel to them through the pattern and seeing them on the mannequins brought a vibrancy to the room.

Antonia had also managed to use some of the fabric to design a very beautiful baby girls dress in my favourite colour blue….. my little one has some growing to do before she can be treated to one of those but her name is down on the list as they’re too nice to ignore.

After Sophie’s talk we were treated to a little demonstration by make up artist Sonia Scofield. She concentrated on a quick morning routine to bring an awake look to the model (the wonderful Tracy Burleigh from York Women Mean Business)….. I need this look more than ever as a new Mum and that was really the point as all the audience were mums who have had their share of sleep deprivation at some point!

Sonia talked us through some of her favourite products including a Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick as she said it has the versatility to be a highlighter, a blusher and used as eyeshadow so a great investment piece.

Last but definitely not least, Caroline Higginbottom from Seasons Style introduced herself. Caroline is a personal stylist who comes to your home and edits your wardrobe to take out all those unflattering pieces that we cling on to. I know I am still hanging on to jeans I am convincing myself I’ll fit back into one day but in reality I need Caroline to find me a pair that suit me as I am now!

Caroline brought out some fantastic style cards last year with a very own maternity version. They look like a deck of playing cards but they have hints and tips about style instead.

One quick tip from the pack that she shared with us was never to buy a fabric pattern that was bigger than your fist as it will make you look larger…..eek best get checking my wardrobe again!!

I also wanted to acknowledge how wonderful Pairings were as hosts. The event was free yet they laid on teas and coffees, platters of cucumber and carrot sticks with hummus and platters of brownies for us all to tuck into whilst we were listening and there were activities for the kids to keep them entertained.

Whilst the wine bar part of the name may be a bit misleading, they are opening in the day times from now on for teas and coffees and kids are definitely welcome – they certainly make you feel it so do check them out.

Please check out West Plum Studios and Blossom and Belle for more information on how to purchase your very own wrap dress.