Spring is a great time for having a clear out of your wardrobe and a good month to replenish any missing pieces with a visit to the shops. Beware of the rash purchase however! How often have all of us come home with something that we never end up wearing as it doesn’t actually go with anything else we own?! We all want to make sure our clothes are working hard for us so its back to basics with these ten wardrobe building garments.

Remember to choose classic styles and don’t be afraid to spend a few more pounds for good quality – these items will be in your wardrobe for years, so you want them to stand the test of time. It is also important to choose items that suit your bodyshape, if you are not sure the internet has a plethera of articles and tips on what to buy for your shape.

1 – A well tailoured black blazer.


Boring? Not at all! This is a blank canvas that can be transormed by adding colour and accessories. A black blazer will go with anything and can be worn over jeans, trousers, a skirt or a dress.

2 A good fitting bra!


Getting the foundation right is the key to any outfit and can totally transform the way you look ! A staggering 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size! This is not just bad for your wardrobe but potentially bad for your health. Make sure you are fitted regularly at a good quality department store or lingerie shop who have qualified fitters.

3 A pair of dark denim jeans


Buying jeans can be tricky but it is worth taking the time to find a pair that fits well and you feel good in. Dark denim is a good choice as it gives a slimming effect and as it is a bit smarter than lighter denim it can be dressed up a bit with a jazzy top for day to evening transition. A good solution to the smart/casual dress code dilema.

4 Yes, ‘fraid so – The LBD!!


Predicatble perhaps, but still an essential wardrobe builder. There is so much you can do with this – dress up with heels and jewellery, dress down with a cardigan and flats. The LBD suits all occaisions and a good quality frock can be a good friend for years to come. Getting the right style is vital, again its about dressing for your bodyshape and feeling good when you wear it!

5 A pair of black trousers


A well tailoured pair of black trousers are another key wardrobe builidng item and can be dressed up or down to suit the occiaison. Its important to choose the right shape; straight leg styles tend ot suit all body shapes or bootcut to give the option of wearing with a pair of your favourite boots. Try on as many pairs as you can (!) just because a pair of trousers is the right size does not mean it will be flattering. It will be worth the effort.

6 Ballet flats


Dare I say black again??!! A good choice for going with anything although if you can afford it get a red pair too – great for adding a pop of colour. Ballet flats are chic and comfy and easy to wear with your dark jeans and black trousers!

7 A classic white shirt


A classic white shirt adds a bit of polish to any oufit and can be worn all year round. If bright white is a bit harsh on you – try an ivory or softer white.

This classic can be worn along with all the items we have built in our wardrobe – you might find you need more than one!

8 A vibrant scarf


A colourful scarf can really lift an outfit and give a splash of colour. Don’t be afraid to go bright. Not sure how to wear it? You Tube have great tutorials on the various techniques for you to experiment with.

9 A pair of heels


You guessed it! Black is a good choice, but so in fact is nude which is just as versatile and very chic. If you really find heels uncomfortable go for a low or kitten heel which still give that touch of class to your outfit. ( you can always pop your ballet flats in your bag to wear later!)

10   A cammi vest top


These tops can be worn to be seen but are also  excellent for layering which is so vital in our unpredictable climate. If wearing under white go for a nude colour which won’t show and invest in good quality like Mey who produce their cammies in Germany with seamless technology and the best quality cotton for ultimate comfort.


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Written by Angela Horner (Chairperson of Fashion City York)