By Chloe from The Yoga Revolution,

So, I bet you’re thinking this is a mostly kale-and-tofu kinda post. And you’d be wrong (thank god). It’s so easy as a yoga teacher to be pigeon-holed into that vegan/veggie stereotype; someone who won’t even touch non-vegan shoes or who massages kale on the regular (what even is that?). And that’s ok. We all fit into stereotypes we’re probably not too fond of, right?

So what actually does a normal, down-to-earth yoga teacher eat every day? It varies a lot, and even though I’m omnivorous and eat junk sometimes, I make sure to be conscious about where I get my food from, and what I put on my plate. So everything we can get organic in our house is organic, and I make sure that the meat and animal products we eat are, for the most part, RSPCA assured, high-welfare, and local. Just because fast-food chains destroy the planet with the meat they farm doesn’t mean we have to!

So, what does a regular day look like? A little something like this:


I pretty much always start my day with a drink of hot water and lemon, and try to take some time out for me (if I haven’t already got friendly with my yoga mat). And, right now I’m on a mega avo-and-eggs kick. Sourdough toast, with all that good-for-the-gut yumminess, mashed avocado and scrambled eggs. Sometimes, although I’m pretty sure my students aren’t as fond of this as I am, I like to throw a little red onion on there too. Game. Changer. I’m telling you, folks. You won’t go back.


What don’t I eat for lunch? I tend to teach in the mornings and on an evening at the moment, so my lunch has developed into a bit of a *thing*. Mostly, and when I’m being lazy, it’s about roasting as many veggies as I can find in my fridge with a half block of halloumi and throwing some rice into the mix too. Other times I’ll just go for the best looking dish on the menu at my local good-eatery if I’m seeing friends, or I’ll head to my pop’s where he’ll probably serve me up something like wild salmon with a whole heap of amazing home-grown veggies. Home grown truly is the best.


Dinner is a tricky one in my house. I teach quite early in the evening, and teaching on a full stomach is the worst idea ever (when you burp in class you just gotta own it (cue face palm). So often I’ll just have something light: a wrap with salad and a little roast chicken, a handful of simple wholewheat pasta (loads of basil and drizzled with olive oil – oh my!), or – and this is something I never thought I’d be into but my partner Darren is a dab hand – tender-stem broccoli blanched and then fried in butter and garlic or chilli flakes. And when I’m being boring and I’m super late, I’ll just grab some toast with peanut butter.


Ok. You caught me. I love to snack (food is life, y’all). Right now I’m loving sweet and salty popcorn, but I need to buy it in the individual smaller bags or I’ll go through a family bag in a flash. I also love Graze snacks, but have you seen the price!? We wait ’til they’re on sale so these aren’t something we have that often. One thing that is a constant for me is that I’m a massive (MASSIVE) sugar addict so I try to keep this in control when I snack. Sugar for me is a weekend indulgence (or, when I’m stressed, the highlight of every meal). An easy way to control it is to up the fat and fibre content of your meals, and when you feel like eating a family bar with a side of Netflix, just grabbing something lighter with less of the sweet stuff can help (hence the popcorn, yo).


As a yoga teacher it’s almost a given that I’m supposed to be looking after myself. And that definitely involves buying and eating fresh, local and conscious food, but also it means looking after my head, too. So, when we’re craving pizza and the ‘flix, we eat pizza and binge Grace & Frankie. And sometimes I eat ice-cream from the tub with a spoon (don’t judge). If you get anything from my ramblings here, it’s that we should eat with our heads; eating mindfully whenever possible, but not beating yourself up when you’re sad or hormonal and eat your weight in Oreos. It’s all good (and there’s nothing a cuppa and an egg custard from Quarmby’s deli won’t fix).

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