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I started my day by sleeping in….and dragging myself to Starbucks like something out of the Walking Dead. Sitting in a coffee shop with a latte, wearing fitness wear, feels incredibly Californian:- but I was actually on Coney Street. Once the caffeine kicked in, I hit the riverside for a jog. I’m not quite at the stage of running…but it was an almost vigorous jog. I’m wearing a smooth, floaty black top, and gorgeous pink leggings, made from a flexible Amni fabric. I’m wearing, Brasilfit UK.

With a H.O based in Yorkshire, I was very excited to come across Brasilfit UK. Stunning clothes designed in Brasil, that will absolutely dazzle you with amazing colours, cuts and the perfect fabrics to help you move, dance and sweat.

We spent the day in the Singlet Xingu top in black, and the pink and black Tie Dye Leggings to give us, but visit the site to see more of their spicy range.

Singlet Xingu – Black

Tie Dye Wallpaper Full Length Legging Pink & Black

Jackie Waite is the inspirational, Yorkshire business woman who brought Brasilfit to the UK. Injecting the UK fitness market with Brasilian flavour. Keep an eye out on Brasilfit UK, and look out for what they’re doing next!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrasilfitUK

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brasilfituk/

Website: https://www.brasilfit.co.uk